About Bionic Products

Since its first foray into the vast health benefits of negative ions in 1967, Bionic Products Pty Ltd has built an impeccable reputation for delivering quality award-winning products built around cutting-edge technology delivered with unwavering service. Today, more than 40 years later and this Australian company is still regarded as the front-runner in Ion Technology.

With an existing suite of three medical-grade therapeutic Ionizers and the viable possibility of commercial applications, the Elanra brand stands alone in its competitive set, unique in its ability to offer more than just air cleaning capabilities by replicating nature’s same small negative ions of oxygen inhaled to enter the bloodstream to improve our physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Trademarked and patented internationally, Elanra Ionizers are included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Meet the Inventor - Joshua Shaw

Joshua Shaw (deceased in 2019)is the Managing Director of Bionic Products Pty Ltd. He has been intimately involved in researching, designing and distributing Ionizers since 1967. With the knowledge and experience gained over many years, he has taken negative ion technology to a new dimension.

With persistence, vision and dedication, Mr Shaw developed the ELANRA Medical Ionizer, an Ionizer combining his award-winning technology and incorporating many enhancements never before available. These innovations are now protected by Patents.

ELANRA is the World's first genuine Medical (Therapeutic) Ionizer. It is the culmination of Joshua Shaw's personnal and professional dream, and is now available on the Australian and World markets.

Today, Bionic Products is internationally renowned for the instigation and funding of research into the benefits of ionisation.

This work has brought Joshua Shaw into close collaboration with the world's leaders in the field, including research pioneer Albert Krueger, Walter Stark, Igho Kornblueh of the University of Pennsylvania, Felix G Sulman of Israel, C.A. Laws, and Robert Beck, the father of electromedicine.

The History of Elanra from Elanra (Australia):