Which Elanra is best for me ?

In the home

The ELANRA Medical Ionizer can be left on continuously but can be turned off if the user has left the room for an extended period of time. The optimum time to use ELANRA is during sleep or rest as research has shown that the greatest benefits are recorded during times when the body is least active.

For ongoing health benefits from the ELANRA Medical Ionizer, it must be used every time you sleep and it is advisable that you position yourself between one and two metres from the unit, with the indicator lights facing towards you. Place the unit at approximately head height when you are lying down. You may place the ELANRA either at the foot of the bed or on a stool or chair about half way down the bed.


Like any electrical equipment produces ELF electric and magnetic fields (50/60 Hz and above 2 kHz) also the ion generator and the power wire of the electrical adapter, a safety distance at least of one meter is recommended (also with respect to the power unit and the wire). At this distance, according to our measurements and recordings with scientific calibrated instrument "NFA1000" Gigahertz-Solutions (Germany), you are below building biology standards "highly significant" (SBM) for sleeping areas and also Swedish TCO recommendations (for workstations places) as precaution against biological hasards of ELF electric and magnetic fields.

  • For two people sleeping - MKII
  • For individual use while sleeping - MKIII
  • Infants and children in their own room- MKIII

In the office

If using the MKII or MKIII, the ELANRA Medical Ionizer must not be any closer than one metre from your computer or telephone system. It is advisable that you keep the ELANRA away from metal objects like filing cabinets and shelving etc.

  • Private office - MKIII or ELANRA Air Personal Pendant
  • Open plan office - MKII or ELANRA Air Personal Pendant
  • Professional / consultative use - MKII

While driving

To reduce fatigue and the harmful effects of positive ions in the cabin - MKIII or ELANRA Air Personal Pendant

If using the MKIII Portable Ionizer, provision has been made for the Ionizer to clip onto a specially designed stand (included with purchase) which is positioned on the dashboard or the rear shelf of the vehicle. The Portable can be easily dismounted for use, utilizing the internal 9V battery or mains power.

This portability gives drivers the freedom to travel anywhere they desire. Stop over in a luxury hotel, pitch a tent by the roadside, all the while enjoying the benefits of breathing the air that nature intended.

On board aircraft - MKIII or ELANRA Air Personal Pendant

The ELANRA Portable and ELANRA Air Personal Pendant are of particular value to travellers in order to help counteract some of the unpleasant consequences of flying. Flying has been known to cause various health problems among travellers, in fact research from the University of British Columbia in Canada reports that 20% of passengers on a flight of 2.5 hours or more will have a cold within a week. With 93% of ELANRA customers reporting a better travel experience as a direct result of using their ELANRA Ionizer, breathing in your own supply of the negative ions of oxygen generated by your ELANRA ensures you arrive at your destination feeling rested and refreshed.

In hospital

87% of ELANRA Customers report faster recovery from illness in hospital when using their ELANRA Ionizer.

The ELANRA Medical Ionizer is approved for use in hospitals (including intensive care) and complies with all safety and electrical standards. When using ELANRA in hospital, placing it on a wall shelf is recommended. This position allows the ions to eliminate air-borne bacteria etc. If a shelf is not available, the bed trolley is suitable.

NOTE: Special care should be exercised to keep the ELANRA away from metal benches and cabinets. Ions can transfer their electrical potential to the metal objects and when touched or grounded, will give a very mild static charge. This experience will not harm you or the unit but may be a mild inconvenience.

For intense treatment - MKIII Portable

Another unique advantage of the ELANRA Portable Ionizer is the Treatment mode. By using the wrist strap included with your Portable Ionizer and holding the device close to your mouth or nose and breathing normally, you can increase the concentration of small biologically active ions of oxygen. It is advisable that this treatment be carried out for 20 minutes morning and night, ensuring that your feet are grounded (no rubber soled shoes).

Out and about

ELANRA Air Personal Ionizer

Together with the recognized health benefits associated with inhaling small biologically active negative ions of oxygen, ELANRA medical ionizers offer the exclusive advantage of being individually programmable.

Using recognized frequencies, ELANRA pulses nature’s negative ions of oxygen at different frequencies to provide you with a far more personal Ionizer, designed specifically for your health requirements.

Most common frequency Settings

  • 4Hz Enhances wellbeing, hastens recovery from common illnesses
  • 7.83Hz Schumann Resonance
  • 8Hz For nervous tension
  • 10Hz For relaxation, better sleep, meditation and to assist allergy sufferers
  • 16Hz Helps relieve muscle aches and cramps
  • 25Hz Generally stimulating, can assist with stress, low vitality and improve recovery from fatigue

Customer reviews

In 2009, self-report mailed surveys were sent to all recent purchasers of Elanra Therapeutic Ionizers throughout Australia, and 973 (20%) respondents completed and returned the survey. Men and women were almost equally represented. Almost half were aged between 50-70 years, 30% were under 50 and 23% were aged over 70. Respondents came from all over Australia, city, towns or regional centres and country and rural areas. More than one quarter had more than one Elanra Ionizer.

Executuve summary - Positive results for negative ions PDF (0,04 MB)

Please see below for what past customers have said about their experience with us. If you would like to add your own review, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

Craig Steele commented on 10-Apr-2012 03:25 AM z0

My 8 year old step-daughter beat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with the help of the Elanra Air Pendant. It helped her deal with the effects of chemotherapy, and gave her a more uplifted feeling. Thank you for this life saving product!

L.P. Australia commented on 04-Jun-2010 09:50 AM z0

After two weeks without the use of my Elanra, I was beginning to notice 'things ' with my health that I did not like. I started to get very lethargic and foggy by afternoon and just wanted to rest yet couldn't sleep; I was not sleeping soundly at night; I had developed a low grade unwell feeling that I now realised was always there prior to ioniser days. I would be down about my diet, despondent about the lack of variety I could eat. I had days of just not feeling very well. The baby had become more unsettled and my milk supply had also weakened.
I now realise what wonderful benefits the Elanra gives me and we are back on track now. I honestly just feel so happy, grateful and blessed.

K.S. Western Australia commented on 04-Jun-2010 09:47 AM z0

Recently I purchased a portable Elanra ioniser and it is one of the most brilliant products I have ever bought!
My thanks go to you Joshua for creating such a brilliant product and for providing such fantastic follow-up service.