About us

​Our importation office Etudes & Vie is established since 1996 and pecializes in products designed to improve the quality of life and the reduction of EMF (light, air and electromagnetic pollutions).

Meet with Benoit Louppe


The director Benoît Louppe is a scientist and well known for his knowledge and expertise in building biology (Germ. Baubiologie) and EMF/electromagnetic pollution (Electrosmog).

Since 1996, he runs with passion his engineering and design department Etudes & Vie. Headquarter is located at Fléron (Belgium).

The main business office Etudes & Vie make indoor pollution inspections (EMF etc …) and the importation on the market of shielding and protection systems adapted to public needs as well as scientific measuring instruments.

Etudes & Vie also organizes professional seminars each year for medical doctors, architects, engineers, geobiologists, consultants, environmental consultants, passionates people, etc.



To contact us :

Études & Vie
Rue du Bay-Bonnet, 32
4620 Fléron

Tel-Fax : 0032(0)43551784
E-mail : info@etudesetvie.be