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Livre ionisation sante-vitalite

In French: Docteur Hervé Robert. “Guide pratique – Ionisation santé-vitalité. Les bienfaits des ions négatifs.” Editions du Dauphin. 2008. ISBN:978-2-7163-1382-7


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the truth about air electricity

Rosalind Tan, “The Truth about Air Electricity & Health” (Fr: la vérité sur l’électricité de l’air et la santé”)


The Truth about Air Electricity & Health’ is an informative how-to book that uncovers the truth about the curative power of nature’s fresh electrified air and how it can be harnessed for the healing of the body and mind.

It is an illuminating discussion of how tiny charges of electricity in the air can make or break one’s health. Evidence from scientific research and medical case-studies around the world is presented in terms that a layman can understand, and to prove beyond doubt that air electricity has a profound effect on all living things.

This book outlines many common physical and mental health problems we face in the 21st century — stress, insomnia, asthma, allergies, depression, anxiety, infertility, childhood learning difficulties and more. It also shows the connection that these health issues have with distorted air electricity due to air pollution and other facets of the modern, industrialized world.

Advice and practical steps are given on how to improve our health and well-being through providing ionized, health-giving air in our internal environment, and through other natural means. It is a compelling book for people who care about their health and who want to lead a quality life.

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Old books:

Bonnevy de, “l’ionisation négative de l’air: la première forme d’écologie indispensable à notre vie“. Editions L. Vanderbrouck, 1993

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Professeur Jacques Metadier. “Les oxions. Une découverte importante pour tous ceux qui souffrent” Editions E.C.H.G., 1984 – 40 pages.


Studies on animals:

1.Krueger 1975-1976, Makela 1979, Gyorgy 1979: Removal of bacteria, viral particles and dust from the air – Beneficial to all animals kept in confined spaces: 75% reduction of dust in pig houses (Curtis).

2. Khrenov 1972. Strengthening of the immune system in hourses. Enhancement of the blood formation and exhange processes. Lowering of level of airbone bacteria in stables.

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Diminution des maladies chez les poulets et les souris:

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Diminution of respiratory troubles:

1. Kornbleuch and al. 1958.- Redution of respiratory problems in humans: relief from hayfever

2. Boulatov 1968. Redution of respiratory problems in humans: relief from asthma.

Improvement on school students:

1. M.G. Van Kesteren “The computers Papers” 1984. Pays-Bas – Amélioration de la concentration, du rythme au travail, des résultats scolaires des étudiants. Etude réalisée dans l’école de Vlotburg avec des enfants de 11 ans, Nuts academy- Rotterdam.

Improvement on Seasonal Affective Disorders:

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Action on serotonin

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Action on bacteries and virus

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Actions on biology in général

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Nutrition Review

Nutrition Review. Article from Jim English “The positives Heath Benefits of negatives ions” 2003. link: